2022. 1. 30. · There are 3 time schedules that Wandering Merchants can follow, and each region in the game has their own Wandering Merchant. Wandering Merchants can exist as ships and appear near certain islands. They also sell exclusive items. Split players up at each spawn location to find Wandering Merchants quickly. 基本ソロでarkします入れてるmodはdino tracker(生物探知)awesome spyglass!(望遠鏡の上位互換)automatic death recovery(倒されてもロストしない). 2021. 3. 21. · Hello guys, We're the developer of ARK Tracker. Thank you for u/mkent1997 recommendation. ARK Tracker is an app,ARK Tracker that can track ARK positions anytime and anywhere on your mobile phone on Apple App Store and Android Google play, hoping to help more friends track Cathie Wood trading in a timely manner.

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