The MS with an emphasis in bilingual SLP, a specialty track within the graduate Speech-Language Pathology program at TCU, was the first federally-funded bilingual SLP program in the U.S. and trained professionals since the 1970s. The first class of bilingually-trained SLPs graduated in 1982 and, since that time, we have trained more than 100. An effective method of intern supervision is to have a set time (bi-weekly is recommended) to meet with the intern to review progress on projects, touch base, and provide feedback. Some supervisors do this over lunch; others choose a more formal setting. The supervisor will oversee and assign the student intern’s work. Supervisors will need. . Licensed assistant supervision issues (positive & negative) Any/all concerns about the CF/Intern experience. Experiencing an outstanding CF/Intern/Novice Year. Employee Retention (for employers); Attract & Keep Talent! Any/All aspects about sharing thoughts/feelings with confidence. I am an SLP sounding board. SLP coach to “think out loud” with.

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