Hondo Medina county Texas August 15, 1941. Vol. 56. No. 6 local and personal to if you would like to read our Story a men marooned you Ca n get it now in a bound volume of farming for Only 50c. I Condo Public schools to open mond y. Sept. It on twelve Grade basis the Hondo Public schools will open on monday september 8th. The huge fire which swept through the Termas de Río Hondo circuit in Argentina last night has destroyed the vast majority of the pit building. The garage complex, press rooms, TV broadcast rooms. Hondo bought our first pumper for $1250 from Albuquerque and stored it in a large horse barn in Arroyo Hondo. The pumper froze during the winter and in the spring of 1975 we built Station 1. Our first supply of bunker gear was donated.

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