Delete Programs: If you are able to locate an unfamiliar program or if you are able to locate the exact program that you believe is threatening your privacy, simply delete that program. You should also delete any backup copies of that program. Once the tracking program has been removed, all is good. Just free download it and follow the next steps to recover sticky notes. Step 1 Launch Data Recovery. With the download button above, download, install and run this deleted sticky notes restoring software on your computer. Step 2 Select data type and hard drive. At the last part, you may learn the regular sticky notes location. Method 2:File History. Type file history in the search box, then hit Restore your files with File History. In the File History app, you can see all the historical versions of files on your computer. Double-click to open each folder to look for your unsaved or deleted Notepad files. When you find the target Notepad file, select it and click the. Some programs claim to be able to recover deleted Snapchat messages from iPhone or Android, but we have tested these data recovery software and find that none of them can do the trick. Therefore, if you have any important messages on Snapchat, always tap and save the messages. Otherwise, once the messages disappear, there is little you can do.

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