MATLAB is a software package for doing numerical computation. It was originally designed for solving linear algebra type problems using matrices. It’s name is derived ... save filename - saves all workspace variables to a binary .mat file named filename.mat save filename x,y - saves variables x and y in filename.mat. If the workspace contains a variable larger than 2 GB, pack cannot save and reload your data. The pack function does not affect the amount of memory allocated to the MATLAB process. You must end your MATLAB session to free up this memory. There are two ways to save variables in Matlab. One way is by using the 'save workspace' tab and another way is by using 'save' command. To save the variables in the file first method is very easy in which first we need to declare variables and then need to assign the variables. After assigning the values we need to create one file. 文件的名称,指定为字符向量或字符串标量。如果您未指定 filename,save 函数保存为名为 matlab.mat 的文件。. 如果 filename 没有扩展名(即没有点以及紧随其后的文本),并且没有指定 format 的值,则 MATLAB 会追加 .mat。如果 filename 不包含完整路径,MATLAB 将保存到当前文件夹中。.

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