Jan 18, 2020 · Hello, I just purchased a AX50/AX3000 router and am having a terrible time gettingt the LAN speeds to be good. My other router was a Netgear and I was able to confirm that my WAN/Internet speeds are 500/250 from my ISP. I am getting close to that on wireless when I am right near the router.. ┇[Whole network low rice] Asus TUF GAMING AX3000 wireless router. What is Asus Merlin Nat Acceleration. TUF- AX3000 ですけど、ポートの開放ってポートフォワーディングを有効にして、open natからか追加するか、WANのポートフォワーディングから外部ポートと内部IPアドレス設定するであってます?. Oct 18th, 2017 at.

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