After a while (hour orso) the gateway went offline again but it responded perfectly on ping. SO then spun up a Ubuntu server with pihole (with the same DNSBL lists from pfBlockerNG) and pointed the Ikea Gateway to the pihole. Bingo! The pihole showed me immediately what DNS request was being blocked for the Ikea Tradfri gateway. How to setup pfBlockerNG on pfSense | Tutorial: pfsense and pfBlockerNG Version 3.1.0 | pfBlockerNG In this video I will explain the PfBlockerNG package that. "/> Installation of ... place pfblockerNG rules on the top again and will make the allow connection blocked after the next cron. pfSense pass/match followed by pfBlokerNG pass/match, then. curl -o /usr/local/pkg/pfblockerng/ "https Have any workarounds been found in the meantime? pfSense 2.5.2. pfBlockerNG-devel 3.1.0_1. According to my dashboard there's 2.45% of domains blocked vs unbound resolver queries.

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