FIRST TRIMESTER: weeks 1-13. 4 weeks: Wee on a stick. Home pregnancy testing kits work by measuring the level of human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), a hormone detected in your urine that increases from the moment of conception. Levels of hCG usually spike within a week or so of your period being late, but follow the instructions on the testing kit for the best time to test for pregnancy. Your scan time will vary depending on the complexity of the requested examination. Most simple ultrasound scans take approximately 15-20 minutes; however, more time is required for complex studies such as certain obstetric or vascular imaging. When the scan is complete, you may need to wait while our Radiologist reviews the obtained images. 2021. 10. 29. · Purpose of the pregnancy dating scan The pregnancy dating ultrasound scan: • checks your baby’s heartbeat • finds out if there is more than one baby • measures your baby to estimate how many weeks’ pregnant you are • checks for some conditions in your baby that might be seen at this stage.

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