Description for Dodge Dart 1969. I JUST GOT IN THIS VERY CLEAN, SUPER INCREDIBLE MONSTER OF A HEMI!!!! $150k+ ORIGINAL BUILD COST!!!!!!! View more photos on our website. -426 Crate Hemi Engine -- Rated for 1000+ hp. -871 BDS Supercharger. -Dual Demon 750 Carburetor's. Shares: 299. First:1970 " Ray Barton " 426 HEMI Cuda,SHAKER, /T 5sp. P/S, /B, /L, onsole, istol shifter, ew Factory Leather replacement Seats, actory correct Sub-Lime Green color with Black interior, SD electronics, ull TTI 3" dual exhaust and black HEMI stripe/Shaker Hood, OS Hemi wiper motor, 700, ll Factory Original Colors for this car. Hemi is circa 1000 HP all alluminum Ray Barton stage v heads with 400 HP multistage nitrous, 2 speed glide, Mark Williams 9" Ford rear etc Am planning repainting AMC colors with " HOUSE OF KOLOR " sparkle in each color over the nex few months and the wiring needs a tidy up too. I am speaking from experience here .. along with my 18 R/T I have a 16 Challenger Scat with a Hellcat short block. Sep 29, 2021 · When the second-generation Chrysler Hemi came out in 1964 as the race Hemi and in 1966 as the street Hemi, it was offered at 426 cubic inches (4.25-inch bore x 3.75-inch stroke).. 2500 hp and 1972 ft lbs of Torque This 572 Twin-Turbo HEMI truly deserves the name "The Elephant".This engine makes 2,253 hp at only 25 psi and is a joy to drive on the street or.

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