Complete list of otome game manga. Otome games are typically story-based visual novels aimed at women. The goal is to pursue one of a number of love interests, aiming for the best case "Good End" with their chosen love. However, there are usually many branching paths and other endings, including "Bad Ends" where they may even meet their demise. The protagonist of this series is reincarnated as the character Yunifer Magnolia in the fantasy. inso's law (korean webtoon, shoujo) - female mc wakes up in a shoujo manga-y world as the heroine's friend/sidekick and has common sense. there's four chapters translated, and with my superior shoujo knowledge i have deduced that at. "/>. Chapter 64.5 March 26, 2022. Chapter 64 March 19, 2022. Don't Be Like This! Son-In-Law. 4.4. Chapter 67 February 13, 2022. Chapter 66 February 12, 2022.

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