"The Book of Longings demonstrates a welcomed maturity and mastery of historical fiction, even as [Kidd] takes on a retelling of the greatest story ever told . . . she gives nuance and depth to the political realities that made Jesus' teachings so provocative, and to the patriarchal systems that make characters like Ana's fabulously fearless .... "/>

"The Book of Longings," by Sue Monk Kidd (Viking). "I am Ana. I was the wife of Jesus ben Joseph of Nazareth. I called him Beloved and he, laughing, called me Little Thunder." With these opening words, Sue Monk Kidd launches into her ambitious new novel, "The Book of Longings.". Sue Monk Kidd's novel The Book of Longings was in part inspired by a work entitled " The Thunder, Perfect Mind ." Narrated by a female divinity, the poem is one of over 50 ancient texts that were found near the town of Nag Hammadi, Egypt, in 1945. The tale surrounding the discovery of the works is fascinating in its own right.. I read The Book of Longings right after my own book Untamed made its way into the world, and found Ana of Sue Monk I will carry The Book of Longings in my heart forever, because it reflects what was always there. I invite every trespassing woman to find her own journey in Ana's story—and to finish. Growing up in a tumultuous home without a father, a modest dwelling crowded with his siblings, Jesus learns to function as a kind of peacemaker. What attracts Ana, however, is his sincerity, his open heart, and his gentle compassion and unironic empathy for her and for others. The novel presents Jesus as a devoted husband, a passionate and.

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