Meaning: An impressive, empowering, trailblazing woman. Courage and intelligence. Steely determination. Revolutionary, pioneering qualities. Confidence. One who will not be held down by convention. Even if she appears mild-mannered, at her core she remains an independent, even rebellious spirit. Gains. Taking control. 7 satire techniques. Satire techniques are strategies professional writers use to incorporate satire into their work. Here are seven techniques to consider when writing satire: 1. Exaggeration. Exaggeration entails making a situation or person look better or worse than they are by overstating or understating certain characteristics beyond reality. 1. Stage illusions. The magician performs for a large audience in a theater or auditorium, using large-scale props, assistants, and even large animals. 2. Parlor magic. The magician does tricks for a medium-size audience, positioned on the same level as them, with the audience seated in chairs or on the floor. 3. Another unusual attraction in Traverse City, the colossal cherry pie pan on Cass Road, is 18 feet wide and 26 feet deep. It isn't just a quirky art installation. The enormous cherry pie pan once housed an actual cherry pie! The gigantic cherry pie was baked in 1987 by a team overseen by Chef Pierre Bakeries.

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