One part of the nuclear risk which gets glossed over is Electromagnetic Pulse or EMP. When nuclear bombs are detonated, the electrons start going incredibly fast. This creates a short but powerful magnetic field (EMP). The EMP isn't dangerous, but it destroys electronics such as telephone wires, electrical plants, radios, and electronic devices. The player may purchase blueprints from any of the non-enemy factions that have stations in the game. To do so visit the relevant faction representative (Indicated by a "jagged" outline around a station icon). Note that some blueprints require certain licenses, which can be obtained by completing the promotion missions offered by friendly factions. Oct 31, 2021 · An EMP or E lectro M agnetic P ulse is a wave of electromagnetic radiation. It is like sunshine or a bright flash but on a different frequency. The electrons from an EMP rains down on the plant. Those electrons interact with power lines, metal, conductive materials and electronics and causes power spikes..

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